The history of the NAREX Ždánice, spol. s r.o. Company dates back to 1938. In that year, Mr. Otakar Šmíd commenced the production of decorative items made of non-ferrous metals. During the war, however, according to directions, non-ferrous metals were used solely for military purposes and therefore, from May 1941, Mr. Šmíd began to produce taps. In 1943 the Company changed into a joint stock company named MIKRO A.S., which by the end of the war was employing more than 250 people. During the upcoming post-war and the subsequent totalitarian periods the Company was renamed several times (Kovové nástroje, Nářadí Ždánice, NAREX Ždánice), however its specialisation, the manufacture of threading tools, has remained.

The current legal form of the Company was established on the 1st October 1999 by its conversion from the NAREX Ždánice, a. s. Company.

Significant dates of the Company’s history:

  • 1938 - KOVODÍLNY
  • 1943 - MIKRO a. s. (a joint stock company)
  • 1954 - KOVOVÉ NÁSTROJE n. p. (a State Enterprise)
  • 1958 - The NÁŘADÍ Ždánice plant – as a part of NÁŘADÍ Praha (a State Enterprise)
  • 1963 - The establishment of the NÁŘADÍ Bučovice plant
  • 1980 - The NÁŘADÍ Ždánice plant - as a part of NÁŘADÍ (a Regional Enterprise) within the TST
  • 1988 - The NAREX Ždánice plant - as a part of NAREX Praha (a State Enterprise)
  • 1990 - From 1.11. NAREX s. p. (a State Enterprise)
  • 1991 - From 1.1. NAREX Ždánice a. s. (a joint stock company)
  • 1993 - From 1.12. when the plant in Bučovice was disconnected from the joint stock company
  • 1999 - From 1.10. identified as the NAREX Ždánice, spol. s r. o. Company

Other significant dates relating primarily to the Company’s development, production and products:

  • 1937 - the purchase of house No. 250 
  • 1938 - the commencement of the production of decorative items in Ždánice
  • 1941 - the commencement of the production of threading tools 
  • 1949 - the production of Excelsior and JOPO screw dies
  • 1956 - hardening of high-speed steels
  • 1969 - the custom manufacture of special threading tools 
  • 1968 - the construction of a new hardening plant
  • 1970 - operation in the newly built B hall (a 4-storey building) commences
  • 1974 - the production of JOPAL2 screw dies (production finished in the 1990’s)
  • 1978 - the production of JOPAL1 screw dies (production finished in the 1990’s)
  • 1980 - the production of MZ 2 motor threading machines (production finished in the 1990’s)
  • 1985 - the production of OZ 1,5 motor threading machines (production finished in the 1990’s)
  • 1985 - operation commenced in a new production hall that also comprised a computing centre
  • 1987 - the completion of a vacuum hardening plant
  • 1987 - the gasification of the Company and the completion of a new boiler house 
  • 1990 - a new administration building with a kitchen and cafeteria was constructed
  • 2011 - 2014 - extensive investment in the upgrading of the production technology
  • 2012 - the reconstruction of the main production hall
  • 2015 -the commencement of operation of a new dispatch centre on a reconstructed floor of the B hall