Shopping guide

1. Registration

Registration is not required to place an order, but you can register to make it easier to navigate the site and receive individual benefits.

There are two ways to register on the e-shop.

  • On the top right of the page, click on "Sign in" and then "New Registration" to fill in your password and the email.
  • When ordering goods, click on the "I want to register in the e-shop" box. The registration will be done automatically and you will receive the login details and all necessary information by email to the address you provide in the order.

2. Logging in to your account

After creating and logging in to your user account, you will fill in your personal and billing information; if you registered when you placed your order, this information will already be filled in. In your user account you can also view

  • All your orders (order status + shipment tracking)
  • Individual discounts

3. Product selection

You can search using filters (price, tolerance, standard, etc.). If you know the catalogue number or a certain parameter you can use the search box. You can also sort the goods by price.

4. Cart and order

After putting all the items in the cart, selecting the shipping that suits you best and filling in your personal information, submit the order.

5. Delivery

You will be regularly informed about the delivery progress via emails and you can also track the shipment with your chosen shipper. Check the package when you pick it up and report any damage directly to the driver.